The Business Office is headed by the Finance Officer who takes care of the financial operations of the school. All financial transactions shall be made with the Accounting/Business Office ONLY.

The following are the specific guidelines regarding financial transactions of the office:


 Monthly Installment

The monthly installment of payments of students is determined by the Business Office reflected at the back of the Certificate of Registration (COR). This is done after the adding, changing and dropping period and computed as follows:


For the Regular Semester:

Total Assessment for the semester – Down payment  = 4 Installments


For Summer Classes:

Total Assessment for the summer – Down payment

  • Installments
  • The monthly installment shall be paid before the term examination.

 Cheques are accepted provided that the payee is IMCC and it is a “to date” cheque.


Full Payment

A student who pays in full his tuition and other fees upon enrolment shall have a five percent (5%) discount.


 Penalty for Late Enrollment

Delayed registration has a fine of Fifty Pesos (P50) per day after the enrolment period. Students who have enrolled during the regular registration week but validate only after the enrolment period shall be fined One Hundred pesos (P100) for delayed validation.