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(+63) 221-4661 local 4201

Courses offered


– BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management
– BS in Tourism


– Bartending NC II
– Commercial Cooking NC II
– Food and Beverage Services NC II
– Front Office Services NC II
– Housekeeping NC II


The College of Hotel and Restaurant and Tourism envisions an accredited, dominating, highly-updated knowledge and skill center which embodies the highest standards and ideals; able to produce value-laden, globally competent, self-motivated leaders and work force in the field of Tourism and Hospitality Industry.


The College of Hotel & Restaurant and Tourism seeks to mold the studentry towards academic excellence with relevant skills; sound human values; imbide in them with a deep sense of social responsibility to contribute in the realm of hospitality and tourism as well as actively participate for the transformation of our country into a better place to live for the greater glory of God.

  1. To provide the best possible hospitality and tourism education and training programs for the students in a highly-conducive learning environment that is geared towards achieving its vision.
  2. To prepare leaders and workforce in the various fields of Hotel and Restaurant Management and Tourism by satisfying career expectations while linking the programs with industrial needs.
  3. To conduct with the highest ethical standards and build healthy and harmonious relationship with students, industry partners and associates.
  4. To contribute to the enhancement of the quality of life of Filipinos thru community extension and volunteer service programs.
  1. Pursuit of Excellence- Commitment to an unrelenting quest for continues and higher learning in the light of one’s best efforts and establish higher goals based on sound human values.
  2. Ethical Behavior – Manner of carrying daily activities in conformity to moral and other standards of conduct and lives by the credo which is to “Do unto others what you would like others to do unto you”.
  3. Social responsibility – Dedication to serve humankind beyond one’s self, relative or profession. It is embodied in the active participation in the present society and the betterment of such.
  4. Mutual Respect – Basic foundation for a harmonious and healthy co-existence of students; faculty and staff wherein everybody is enjoined to a) respect God as the Supreme Being b) respect the authority of the supervisors c) respect fellow students d) respect the rights and property of the school e) respect one’s self by being pure in thought, word and action.




At the end of the course, the students:

  • Have learned the basic theories, concepts and principles of Hotel and Restaurant Management.
  • Are skilled in the basic concepts both dynamic and static elements of the Hospitality Industry.
  • Apply the principles in the selection, preparation, service of food and beverage.
  • Use the Principles, Procedures in Housekeeping and Front Office Guest Services.
  • Employ the principles in catering, events and convention management.
  • Are equipped with managerial knowledge and skills for proper implementation of such in the various fields of the Hotel & Restaurant Management.
  • Embody the commitment to be socially relevant and participative in the present society for the improvement of the quality of life of every individual.
  • Discover and internalize the intricacies of Tourism Industry.
  • Implement the concepts of travel, cultural and economy of tourism.
  • Implement current trends and issues in the tourism industry.
  • Utilize relevant principles in Tour guiding, Tourism network and supply components of a Travel Agency.
  • Uphold the learned human values and pursue the commitment of the preservation and conservation of the environmental tourism for the improvement of the quality of life of every Filipino.