IMCC Basic Education student interview on GMA regional TV for learning adjustment this Covid-19
July 17, 2020
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July 28, 2020
guidance services office

guidance services office


In facing our ‘’new normal life’’ caused by COVID 19, many people suffered not just financially but also in dealing emotional and psychological crises.  Since the expectation of the virus' possible long-term effects may cause individual anxiety and stress-based reactions. Also, a number of compounding or concurrent stressors may consistently have a negative effect on the stress response systems of individuals, indicating that there is no way out. 
To students you might experience:
•    uncertainty about what might happen next to one’s life and health
•    difficulties in adjusting to new normal
•    losses
•    separation
These experiences can really affect one’s mental health and might severely influence your views and purpose of living. Thus, we in the guidance center we live with our basic principle of helping our students (you) especially in this time of pandemic. When you have no one to talk to about your struggles and anxieties always remember we are here, ready and always willing to listen.
Furthermore, we are calling the attention of those students who need emotional and psychological help in this time of crises, since we are in our new normal and we might have difficulties in doing face to face counseling, we in the Guidance Center is offering online counseling service wherein you can share your emotional struggles and difficulties to us through online. Also, Guidance Center caters inquiries about IMCC. You can contact or message us through our IMCC Guidance Services Center facebook page. We are really looking forward to chat and communicate with you!



Head, Guidance Services Center