The Guidance Services Center is a service unit which assists the academic community and other student personnel service units in promoting psycho-emotional-social growth of students. It serves to assist students in achieving greater self- awareness of who they truly are and what they can fully become through utilization of guidance and counseling services and other significant guidance programs. It provides data relevant to a preventive approach in responding to the needs of students.

The  Guidance  Services  Center  is  supervised  by  a  Guidance Head. It is directly under the Office of the Dean for Academic Affairs. As a centralized office, guidance personnel are composed of the Basic Education Guidance Counselor/Psychometrician/Placement Officer, and the College Guidance Counselor/Psychometrician/Placement Officer. Student Assistants and Peer Facilitators Circle/Organization assist in the implementation of the guidance services.



A comprehensive guidance program designed to provide holistic educational, career growth and development of students.


Provide services and programs to facilitate academic-career adjustment and psycho-emotional development, develop social skills and leadership competencies, and generate data relevant to instruction, research and community extension.