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Facing our ‘’new normal life’’
July 24, 2020
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August 25, 2020

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A message from Reynaldo O. Mancia
Head, DSA

My Dear Students:

    It has been four months, more or less, that we are suffering from the plague brought about by the COVID 19 disease. It has changed a lot of the usual things we normally do. It has changed our life. This pandemic brought a lot of uncertainties in our life not only finances, of how we act and think in living our daily life. It has brought fear among us. It has changed the way we dealt with each other.

    But, amidst this somewhat chaotic situation, we learned a lot of things. We learn to take care of each other, we learn to value life, we learn to become creative in the different aspects of our life, we learn to empathize and many more.

    Let us not allow this situation to hinder us from pursuing our dreams but may this circumstance be a motivation to strive to learn more so that we become what we want to become in the future. Let us make this situation an inspiration to do more, for ourselves, for our families, for our community and for our nation.

    Thus, don’t lose your focus in life, don’t lose hope and don’t lose your faith. At the end of this dark tunnel am very sure that there will be light. It’s like knowing that if the sun will set in the evening, it will rise again to warm and rejuvenate the world and all things in it. Always believe.

    Dear students, see you this semester and if problems arise, see me in my office. Stay safe and may God bless us all.