Request for Certificate of employment

Five(5) guidelines for the Certificate of Employment(COE) requests:



1. Certificate of Employment for employment purposes will be given only to those Separated/Resigned Employees; provided that they submitted their clearance (duly signed by the appropriate authorities)  to the Human Resource Department on/before at the end date of their employment period.

2. All personnel who left IMCC without having themselves cleared shall have his/her Certificate of Employment withheld.

3. Certificate of Employment requests from our connected employees will only be accepted if it’s not for employment purposes.

4. Once the Certificate of Employment has been processed and available for release, they will be notified through their email address.

5. Releasing of Certificate of Employment is 5 – 7 working days from the date of request confirmation.



Please visit this Google Form link for the request of COE:

From the office of Human Resource Department
tel. no. : +63 221-4661 local 1120